Celticfolk™ is a collaboration between Adrian and Juli Harman and Les & Linda Wild.

Adrian has been organising concerts in Dorset with his late wife Rose for the last 12 years and promoted bands such as Altan, Flook, Lunasa and Patrick Street to name just a few.

Les and Linda had been organisers of the hugely successful Wimborne Folk Festival for over 30 years with Celtic music very much the theme of their concerts, booking some of the major artists on the scene.

Following the loss of Rose, Adrian wanted to stay involved with the music scene and in 2012 decided to join forces with great friends and fellow enthusiasts Les and Linda.

Adrian's new wife Juli, another devotee of Celtic music, is now an active member of Celticfolk and together with Les and Linda they look forward to continue their policy of bringing the very best of Celtic music to Dorset.

Annually, Celticfolk organise several concerts in both Spring and Autumn, the majority being Celtic but be prepared for something different every now and then.

Celtic Cross